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What a Real Startup Is

I have noticed that the term startup has more recently come to mean something slightly different than it used to two or three years ago. When you think of a startup, you probably picture a small team of newly-minted college grads set up in one of their parent’s garage with barely $500 in the company bank account. Most of this money goes to the beer fund which fuels the insane hours of work, late into the night. They subsist largely on the good will of others who believe in what they are doing and that they will succeed no matter what it takes.

January 25th, 2014

From Dream to Reality

As an entrepreneur, I often spent countless hours investigating the right way to go about getting solid customer feedback, finding what kind of lawyer we needed, what cloud-based accounting service would make my life easier, etc. So, this is my opportunity to share things I find, have used, fell in love with and hated so that others like myself might save themselves some effort. Out of respect for your time, I want to keep posts as brief as they can without skimping on content.

January 23rd, 2014
The Real Startup
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